Imagine a crewed gulet yacht vacation, sailing along with your friends in comfort, with smart category of food and repair, however you get to settle on the menu and wherever and once you sail.

Crewed gulet yacht chartering is all concerning exploring only one cluster of islands and visiting villages and beaches that area unit typically inaccessible to cruise ships or edifice guests.
The Islands

The island of Naxos is that the largest and most central island within the Cyclades. Approaching the island by boat, you’ll be able to see 2 tiny islands to the left and right of the harbour, one with the small church of Myrtidiotissa, and therefore the alternative known as Palatia that is joined to Naxos city. The imposing gate, Portara is associate ancient marble temple dedicated to Greek deity. Ligdamis ordered this to be in-built the God’s honour within the sixth century B.C.

The volcano on Nisyros Island erupted in 1422 and continues to be active. Nikea village is found on the aspect of the crater is legitimate with white streets and a mosaic-style sq.. you’ll be able to still see the gases coming back from the underground of the crater (volcano).

Paros is found within the central Aegean Sea. It became famed for its fine white marble. a requirement see is that the bay Naoussa, a natural harbour, closed by a series or boom within the earlier period. The 3 villages of Dragoulas, Sea of Marmora and Tsipidos, located in associate open plain on the japanese aspect of the island occupy the location of associate ancient city. they’re famed along because the “villages of Kephalos” once the steep and lofty hill of Kephalos. On this brow stands the abandoned cloister of Agios Antonios (St. Anthony).

Patmos could be a tiny volcanic island within the Aegean Sea. it’s at the coast of Anatolia, to the south of Samos and west of Miletus. The island of Patmos is known in history because the place of St. John’s exile: “I John…… was within the island that is named Patmos, for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus.” (Revelation 1:9); there per general belief the Beloved adherent wrote the Apocalypse, the mental imagery of that was half galvanized by the scenery of the island. The spot wherever St. John was favored together with his revelations is realized as a cave on the slope of hill, half approach between the shore and therefore the trendy city of Patmos.

Rhodes is that the largest of the Dodecanese Islands.
The island is kind of a preferred vacation destination because it has one in every of the best-preserved and therefore the largest European Medieval cities and has heat weather for three hundred days of the year. Rhodes has been the cradle of the many civilizations; beginning with the knights of St. John within the Middle Ages, then Ottomans and Italians. Thus, the island contains a distinctive historical harmony and sweetness. the most port of Rhodes is Rhodes town that bears a similar name because the island. the opposite terribly touristic areas of Rhodes island are; Lindos and Kamiros. This city, that continues to be encircled by a twelve meter thick city-wall which provides you the sensation of motion back to Medieval times particularly after you walk around its slender, stone-paved roads. once dinner, we have a tendency to extremely suggest you to relish in Rhodes city night out.

Santorini is these days what remained once a colossal volcanic explosion that occurred some 3600 years agone at the peak of the Minoan civilization destroying the earliest settlements on what was at one time one island and resulting in the creation of the present geologic crater. Its spectacular physical beauty, beside a dynamic nightlife, has created the island one in every of Europe’s traveller hotspots. a large central lagune encircled by high steep cliffs on 3 sides. The capital Fira, also as Imerovigli and Oia –a should see- take hold the highest of the drop-off trying down on the lagune.

Symi could be a mountainous Greek Island once famed for construction and sponge industries to the purpose that the population reached twenty two.500. these days Symi’s main business is that the business enterprise and therefore the population has declined to 2500. Its interior is dotted with tiny valleys and its outline alternates between rocky cliffs, beaches and isolated coves. Its main city placed within the Northeast coast, is additionally named Symi and consists of the lower city round the harbor, usually noted as “Yialos” and therefore the higher city known as “Hora”. Panormitis is that the island’s famous cloister that is visited by folks from everywhere the globe and lots of Greeks pay respect to St. archangel of Panormitis every year.