Blue cruise with gulet yacht is one in every of the most reposeful vacations you’ll be able to ever have for a life time. it’s an advanture that embraces each inexperienced and blue and tranquils your soul in an exceedingly distinctive method. it’s reasonably a vacation that you simply will have along with your wanted ones, simply the method you favor it and want that it might ne’er finish.

Do not be late to possess that extraordinary voyage that embraces you with the blue waters of the Aegean. Conquer the beauties of the character and also the ancient sites on the coves being visited that you had no concept that they even have existed.

That method you may witness the beauty of the sunrise and also the sunset with all the beauty of it whereas swimming within the crystal blue waters.

Do not even suppose however you’ll be able to notice this cruise, can assist you to create this dream real for you. you’ll be able to contact us simply via our web site on the web and our skilled team can assist you to rent the boat, select the food and choose the route.


gulets fethiye

We can serve you within the best method so you’ll be able to explore the beauties of the Turkish coast and also the Greek Islands and complete your vacation with the simplest recollections ever.

If Cabin Charter isn’t the concept you have got in mind since you wish to travel along with your wanted ones solely, then private Charter are your cup of tea. We have several gulet yachts that one in every of them can fit your wants of course.
We are certain that after your vacation are over, you may commit to do constant consequent year.

Fethiye :

Fethiye, that was referred to as Telmessos within the times of yore, was the most vital town located on Lycia’s western border with Caria. it’s believed that the city’s name comes from Apollon’s son Telmessos. because the name suggests, town was town of sunshine and was famed for its prophets. Fethiye stretches in an exceedingly half circle on the bay protected by twelve Islands.