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Gulf of Gokova :
Gulet yacht cruise Gulf of Gokova is additionally referred to as Gulf of Kemer or Gulf of Istankoy. The gulf is at the South a part of the Aegean Sea. Bodrum at the North of the gulf, Datca at the South takes place. within the ancient time the gulf was accustomed referred to as Kerameikos, then took the name Istankoy and Kerme. The name Gokova was used for the eastern a part of the gulf, currently the entire gulf is thought therewith name.

The most necessary islands at the air current half are Karaada and Orak Island that are right across the city of Bodrum. the largest island of the gulf is Karaada and it’s quite nine km2 of landscape.

Infront of Southeast coastal line of the gulf there are various islands. Most legendary are; Karacaada, ─░ncirliada, Yali Island, Sedir Island (old name Sideyri Island), Ortaada, Gelibolu Island, Zeynli Island and 7 Islands. all of them have landscapes smaller than one km2 like Orak Island. Kos island takes place at the western facet of the gulf.

In the past the gulf was by the coastal facet of Karia. thus the gulf is wealthy in ancient ruins. the foremost legendary among them area unit Keramos and Kedreai. the traditional town of Keramos was the middle of ceramic within the past. Thus, she took the name Kerameikos from this town. In these times Halicarnassos (Named Bodrum today) took place at the Northern half, and at the Southern half the town Cnidus. Kedreai ruins are at Sedir Island.